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Educational Day Nursery

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Settling in

To help your child feel less apprehensive about being left in the nursery, Dickory Docks Nursery arranges a 'settling-in period' with you, a week or two before your child's first proper day. This could be for a couple of hours, half a day, or a few short visits over a week, depending on the child. This experience prepares you for the first occasion you leave your child at the nursery, ensuring a less fraught time for you both!

On arrival

When you drop off your child the nursery team will be ready to give your baby a cuddle to ensure that they are feeling secure and safe on your departure.


You will be invited to call us during the day for an update about how your baby has settled in.

Going home

When you collect your baby you will be given a daily sheet which tells you:

The staff will be on hand to help you with your baby's coat and other belongings.